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Don’t work from home, work from your local WorkSpot! office opens the door to a flexible desk space beside your home. Getting sick of the same  four walls every day, broadband acting up or  need a quiet space to work?- Well then why not book into a WorkSpot dedicated work space. office desks are available in your local village, town or city to book on a pay as you go basis.
If you need a desk for an hour, a day, a week or a month , gives you access to thousands of businesses nationwide that are renting out desk space  and providing you with all the essentials that you need to get your work done i.e WiFi, Coffee facilities, sockets, WC facilities etc

We are a one stop solution if you are working from home, want to cut commute times, if you are a new start up or simply need a spot to get your work done more effectively and on the go. 
It's hassle free, pay as you go  desk space in your locality - if only everything was that simple!

If you are a business and want to list your desk space - contact us today and we can list your space for free Hospitality Space

Book a WorkSpot in your neighbourhood hotel, cafe or restaurant from Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. Access a range of eateries across Ireland which are closed to regular diners or have a quiet area during the day & are open to guests.  Providing you with a cost effective space to work in with like minded WorkSpoters.

If you are a coffee shop, restaurant or hotel or which is closed during the day or has work space available  and are interested in listing your desk space we would be delighted to hear from you. Click here to send through your details.